Every picture has its shadows
And it has some source of light

Joni Mitchell


Jiska Wolthaus (Leiden, 1973) is interested in people and their inner world, which is the source of her work as a photographer and psychologist. Her work is an interplay of dark and light that has its place within one person. Her photos create a world that you want to step into, but sometimes just out. The black and white images have a dreamy, poetic and sometimes ominous character.


For me, photography is a way of communicating about the question from which colors and images people view the world. Whereas one person feels deeply touched, another may feel oppressed. With my work I want to shine the light on an image to make the dark visible. The dark that you want to keep hidden or that you are afraid of. What is hidden in a child or in a landscape? Fear, sadness, hidden histories. But there is also always light, softness and a lack of inhibition. It’s all present in each of us. Through my work I make this contradiction visible. By shining light on the dark side, you will notice that you don’t have to be afraid, the shame will disappear and there will be room for hope, wonder and silence.